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What is Reiki?

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

Reiki is the Universal Life Force.

Reiki, pronounced "Ray Key", is Japanese in orgin.

Rei - means the Spirit, Soul, the Universal god

Ki - means the Energy Force, Breath of Life

The practice of Reiki is a non-invasive hands-on healing that channels energy to reduce pain, to encourage healing, and to produce relaxation and feelings of well-being.  Many religions throughout the world use Reiki to assist in healing; however, Reiki is not a religion or new ageism.  Reiki is energy.

Reiki can heal and energize the body because Reiki works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  Reiki can be used to assist in re-balancing this system. Reiki is known to assist with reducing stress and with helping to manage pain as well as helping to heal the mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is intuitive. Reiki goes where it is needed and does what is needed in that moment.  Reiki is a healing system which uses the Universe's energy as well as the body's energy.  Energy enters the practitioner through the crown and then the energy goes out through the hands into the person receiving Reiki.  Reiki treats the practitioner first than passes to the receiver; therefore, both the practitioner and the receiver gain from this healing energy.  If the practitioner is ill, the Reiki energy will go to the practitioner first and what energy remains will then go to the receiver.  It is a wise practitioner who knows when he/she is unable to send Reiki effectively.  The receiver chooses what experience he or she will have.  If he or she doesn't wish to be healed or receive Reiki, whether consciously or subconsciously, he or she won't be healed.  The practitioner is not the healer.  The receiver heals him/herself.

Reiki is NOT a replacement for traditional medical treatment.  If the receiver is ill, the practitioner should always advise the receiver to seek traditional medical treatment.  Reiki should be used in conjunction with traditional medicine; thus, the receiver will reap the benefits from modern medicine and the healing energy that is Reiki.


Brief Traditional History of Reiki:

Dr. Mikao Usui is the founder of Reiki.  He "rediscovered" the spiritual system known as Reiki in the 1800's in Japan.  During a 21 day fast and meditation atop Mt. Kura-Yama, Usui discovered he could activate healing through the laying of hands.  He passed his knowledge to his followers, one of which was Churjiro Hayashi, who ran a clinic in Tokyo.  Hayashi, in turn, taught Mrs. Hawayto Takata, a Hawaiian.  Mrs. Takata practiced and taught Reiki in Hawaii and in the 1970's, she brought it to the Mainland.  It is because of Mrs. Takata that so many in the West have been trained and practice Reiki.

3 Degrees of Reiki

1st Degree

First Degree Reiki is the introduction of Reiki.  The student receives 4 attunements (energy activation sessions) which enable the student to channel Reiki energy, historical information, treatment demonstrations and treatment practice.  Some teachers only give 1 attunement, but I like to use the method my teacher taught me and I feel my students benefit from the additional attunments.

2nd Degree

Second degree Reiki is the advanced level.  The student receives two more attunements, learns three sacred symbols used to intesify the flow of energy and meditation, and learns distance Reiki healings.

3rd Degree

Third degree Reiki is the Master level.  The student receives one more attunement, learns the last sacred symbol, and learns the traditions and rituals in order to pass on the Reiki teachings.

What is Intuitive Reiki?

Intuitive Reiki is a method we use to receive messages from the client's spirit guides.  At times, spirit guides wish for their person to receive information that will benefit him/her in his/her life journey.  With the energy of Reiki and crystals, we are able to "listen" to these messages and relay them to the client.  Clients are required to ask for or agree to this method prior to a treatment.  Otherwise, we will not "listen" to the guides.  This method is not for everyone and there is no guarantee the guides have anything to say to their people.   

What are spirit guides?   Spirit guides are guides that help us in our life's journey.  Ever experience a moment when your intiution tells you not to take that road or that trip at a particular time and later find out that there was an accident on that road or that trip you were planning?  I know it has happened to me.  It is my belief that our spirit guides are talking to us and leading us away from troubles.  I feel that if we all listened to our guides a little more closely, our lives might be just a little bit easier.  The Universe gave us these wonderful guides knowing we are on this earth to learn lessons and we may need a little help along the way.  What a blessing they can be when our lives are turned upside and it's seems so desolate and lonely.

I do give guide readings without doing a Reiki treatment.  It is not always necessary for me to do a Reiki or crystal treatment to "listen" to the guides.  I simply sit with the client and relay the information the guides express to me.  I also will use the Tarot cards if requested for those more comfortable with that type of reading, but keep in mind the cards are simply a tool that is used to relay information received from the guides.  Read my story below to learn more about my "newish" ability.


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