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What is Crystal Therapy?


Crystal Therapy is the use of crystals and stones to encourage positive changes in the body, mind and spirit.


Crystals help to clear and balance the chakras, relaxes and clears the mind, releases worries, and lighten burdens.  Crystals strenghten Chi or Ki, the body's energy, which assists with healing.  Crystals and stones help us relax, address emotional and physical pain, release or relieve stress and current issues, and heal the body.

Crystals are earth energies which promote healing on all levels.  Quartz crystals have a gentle energy which works in harmony with our energy.  Because crystals' energy is gentle, it can take time for healing to complete or come to fruition.  However, although crystals and stones can have a subtle effect, they can sometimes have a dramatic effect as well.  It is wise to work with crystals slowly so as not to rush into a healing we are not ready for or prepared to accept.

Crystals improve our life and health, encourages us to relax and be at peace, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Crystal Therapy Can:



   Heal Emotions

Bring in self-love

Assist with peaceful expression

Bring in positive energy

Work through issues 



  Strengthen inner will

Change thought patterns

Calm the mind

Help face fears

Release energy no longer needed

Tracy's Crystal Story

I've been drawn to crystals and stones since I was a child.  I thought they were pretty and fun to play with and I loved carrying them around.  There was one type of particular stone that stands out in my memory from my childhood and that is the Cape May Diamond.   When visiting Cape May, NJ, my family and I would go to Cape May Point where the Cape May Diamonds wash ashore in abundance.  I would scoop up handfuls of these quartz crystals that were smooth, white or gold in color, naturally tumbled from the Delaware River and Atlantic ocean, and stuffed them in my pockets to take home.  They never seemed to make it home though.  My feeling is, for whatever reason, they weren't meant to stay with me.  However, today, I have several of these beautiful stones, some in their natural state and others that are polished and oh, how they sparkle.

When I was growing up, my family would visit my grandparents in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.  It was a beautiful place to take walks in the woods, along a variety of streams and Lake Wallenpaupack.  It's my favorite place to be in this world.  Along these walks, I would always find a stone or two to carry with me on my journey.  I never seemed to want to keep them, but returned them to the earth.  Although I rarely kept any of the stones I collected, they all touched my life in some way, however briefly.

When I was 10 years old, my family took a trip out West and on a roadside stop in New Mexico at a Navajo shop, I was drawn to the many turquoise stones.  In fact, I was so drawn to these stones, I talked my Dad into buying a turquoise ring for me which I wore for many years and still have.  This was the first stone I began wearing.  I have been wearing stones in various forms ever since.

As I began my journey of healing through energy, I used stones on myself and my clients during sessions.  The stones always seem to enhance the flow of energy and the experience.  It was only natural for me to learn more about these beautiful children of the earth, and ultimately, become a Crystal Therapist.



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